Boston improviser: Jacey Bokuniewicz

Jacey Bokuniewicz

An ImprovBoston cast member since 2006, Jacey has been performing theater since age 6. Some of her favorite roles include Rosalind (As You Like It), Puck (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Dromio of Syracuse (A Comedy of Errors), Carol (Oleanna), Snoopy (You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown), Felicia (I Hate Hamlet) and Lenny (Crimes of the Heart). After 20+ years of scripted theater, Jacey decided to give improv a try. Following her completion of ImprovBoston’s University program, Jacey began performing around Boston, appearing in such shows as Neutrino Boston, The Robert Cycle, Spinning Hardcore, The Rumble, Phys. Ed. With Coach Crotchky, The Ruckus, Back By Popular Demand, The Gun Show and The IB Family Show. Jacey is super pumped to be a cast member of Maxitor, one of ImprovBoston's Harold teams. When not performing, Jacey likes to challenge people to correctly pronounce her last name.