Boston improviser: Pete Fenzel

Pete Fenzel

Pete Fenzel is an improv performer and director based in Cambridge, MA. He is a member of the newest Harold team at ImprovBoston, which is yet to be named, and has previously performed with Marjean and Shays' Rebellion at ImprovBoston's Harold Night.

He is a founding and former member of Uniprov, the world's first unicycle improv team, and was a long-time member of Neutrino Boston, the Boston-area chapter of the Neutrino Nation. His other past projects include two-man shows Quixote Ugly, Duets (You Son of a Bitch), and Five Loco with Manny Hernandez, Eric Mill and Jay Constantinou, respectively, ImprovBoston house team Unexpected Turbulence, the Castle Bar Cagematch Brawlers ( and ImprovBoston showcase shows John Hughes High and Back by Popular Demand.

Pete has performed in the Del Close Marathon, the Providence Improv Festival, the Philadelphia Improv Festival, and the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival.

He is the former director of ImprovBoston's On Deck developmental Harold team and the current director of 1.21 Jigowatts, the Back to the Future improv show that premiered at the 2011 Geek Week festival and opens up ImprovBoston's 2011 fall season in September.

Pete is a former member of the New Players' company of Ridgewood, NJ and a founding writer of Overthinking It (, the website that subjects the popular culture to a level of scrutiny it probably doesn't deserve.